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Our collected tales come from individuals who have made a difference in their own ways. Learn about how they’ve overcome life’s challenges and turned them into motivation. Just like them, you can inspire others and be inspired!

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Josh C – Conquering My Addictions

#trauma #addiction #recovery #suicide #family Drugs, alcohol and an unstable upbringing. I wouldn’t say my life journey is one of normality or one that has been easy, but it...

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Sarah W – Overcoming Self Doubt

#inspiringwomen #adventure #breakingboundaries #overcomingselfdoubt My name is Sarah, the founder of Tough Girl Challenges and the host of the Tough Girl Podcast. I am an...

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Jonathan B – The Crash that Changed My Life Forever

#depression #crashvictim #armedforces #mentalhealth A serious crash changed my life forever. Not many people would say that a car accident would have made them a better person,...

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