Jonathan B – The Crash that Changed My Life Forever

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A serious crash changed my life forever. Not many people would say that a car accident would have made them a better person, but I hope I can show you how that happened for me.

I was born and raised on a council estate in Wigan. We had very little money and my parents scraped by and gave the seven of us everything they could. 

I managed to do my first year of college, studying Law, Business and Media, before walking into the Army careers office and there and then signing up to join the Royal Engineers.

I had family members who had been in the Armed Forces and because I didn’t ever really know what career I wanted to do, the advertisement of ‘an opportunity to travel the world’ was just too good to turn down as a 17 year old boy.

I chose to join the Explosives Ordnance Disposal unit, which is essentially a Bomb Disposal team. My main role was to search for improvised explosive devices or IEDs. We would be the first people on site at high-risk areas.

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