Nathan R – Running into My Passion

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-At one point, my mental health got so low, that I didn’t really know where to turn. To see who I am and what I am doing today is like I am two completely different people.

I am Nathan from Greater Manchester. I’m 28 years old and I was born and raised in Bury.

From the age of around 15 I decided that I was going to join the army. My dad had been in the army and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life to be honest. I left school when I was 16 in May 2007 and by September I enrolled in my foundation course with the army and then on my 18th birthday I signed up for the army. 

I don’t really know what expectations I had of the army. At the age of 16 it was a complete shock to the system. I knew it would be tough, everything you see on the tv and hear about is the same.  I was based in Salisbury down South and my life really belonged to the armed forces. I had great opportunities to do training in places such as: Canada,Kenya and travelled quite a lot around Europe. I met a lot of friends whilst in the army, but in all honesty after 6 years the day to day work grounded me down. It’s pretty intense to say the least. 

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