Sarah W – Overcoming Self Doubt

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My name is Sarah, the founder of Tough Girl Challenges and the host of the Tough Girl Podcast. I am an author, motivational speaker, podcaster and adventurer but the road to success has been long, difficult and full of challenges…. 

I was always active and loved doing all sorts of sports. At the age of 18, I set off in my older brother’s footsteps and went travelling around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Travelling was life changing for me and filled me with confidence. 

After my travels, I went to Durham University and completed my degree. After that, I followed the crowd to pursue a career in Finance in London.  

After eight years of working in London, fully immersed in the corporate world, I finally realised that I didn’t want the life of anyone around me. It was such a high stress and cut-throat environment to be in, particularly as a woman. The females in high-powered positions were perceived as ‘bitches’ and I found myself constantly trying to balance how I was considered by my colleagues. It was a never-ending battle to be likeable; never wanting to come off as too friendly, too aggressive or too ambitious. I was working ridiculous hours and spent most of my weekends worrying about the working week ahead.  I hardly spent any time outdoors. I never realised how stressed, unhappy and sad I was with my life. My naturally positive nature seemed to mask my true situation. Then came the change….

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