Travis S – You Are Not Alone

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What if your words and actions could make a difference and help others that have travelled a similar path to you? This tale tells of how one person’s shared experience can help combat suicide rates among veterans… 

My name is Travis. I’m 33 years of age, and I reside in Holland, Michigan. 

Growing up, I had my sights set on many things. I wanted to be a fireman, an astronaut, a lawyer… they were the little dreams that came and went. But, I had always wanted to be a travelling musician growing up and, to be honest, that dream hasn’t changed. All my life, I have aspired to find my niche and be an asset to the world.

Career-wise, I was confused. I had so many interests but didn’t know which path I wanted to take. I managed restaurants for ten years or so but, at around the age of 24, I realised I was missing something and that I needed a kick in the….pants so to say. I needed more direction and self discipline. Honestly, I felt like I was a bouy in the water just sort of coasting. That is when I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

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